ECU Remapping

Engine Carbon Cleaning

Fault Code Clearing

Save money on fuel and increase your engine’s power!
For instance on an average diesel/turbo diesel engine we are able to give you both increased BHP and MPG. On average we can increase power by 30 BHP and fuel economy by 20% MPG. Sound too good to be true?? It has been proven by our happy customers!
We offer four different settings. Each vehicle is custom re-mapped to our clients requirements, I.E Track days, Towing, Fleet vehicles and Joe Blogs! Everyone can benefit from having their vehicle re-mapped by Top Speed Tuning to suit their driving style. (We do not use generic files from a disk etc like many people)
ECO       = Pure Economy.
Stage 1  = More Economy, Torque, BHP, and Drivability.
Stage 2 = Pure Performance, not for the faint hearted! This is our most aggressive standard map. This map can give better economy but it is considered a bonus rather than the aim mods required
Stage 3 = Fully customised map. This is our most extreme map and we take into consideration all your high end mechanical modifications to get the most out of your engine.
To put that into words, if your remap costs £150 and you gain 20% MPG on top of your original 25 MPG the remap will pay for its self in just 3,600 miles.
So over the average driver’s 10,000 miles per annum, after the remap has paid for its self, you will save over £400 per 10k miles.*
Plus you get the added power we gave your vehicle, which allows for faster/safer overtaking, towing and makes your vehicle more fun to drive – Trust us!
A typical turbo charged petrol engine can gain 35-40BHP power and torque along with 10-15%MPG.
Also a typical naturally aspirated petrol engine can gain 10-15BHP in power and useful torque along with 5-10%MPG.
 We always ensure you are left with an unbeatable experience and an outstanding product that will make you want to come back for more and transform your vehicle.
We base our company around a garage service. Essentially, as one of the leading re-mapping companies in the country, we will come to you at a time and place convenient to you.
We work in partnership with Top Speed Tuning and work together to give you the best and most convenient service possible.
We always keep a copy of your vehicle’s original ECU file so that if at any point in the future you want your ECU setting back to standard, we can do this. We can even give you a copy of the file if you wish.
We offer a full 7 day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy with your re-map. We will put your vehicle back to standard and give you your money back!**
Our remapping prices start from £250.

Engine Carbon Clean offers what they say is ‘the ultimate engine detox’, using the latest in hydrogen technology to help remove carbon build-up from the engine, with no dismantling of parts and no harmful chemicals used, and they also state that it’s safe and a completely green product.

The main benefits are;
Restoration of power and performance
Lowers harmful emissions
Revitalises fuel efficiency
Helps avoid costly repair bills
and other benefits include;
smoother performance
more responsive power and torque delivery
fewer vibrations
restored torque
enhanced driving experience